The concept of Green Launching Pad is to connect entrepreneurs and private industry with technical, scientific and business faculty and students at UNH and statewide to successfully launch new green businesses. The goal is to launch a competitive “green” energy technology commercialization program, which is accessible to NH entrepreneurs, businesses, and innovators …



Green Launching Pad is a strategic partnership of University of New Hampshire and New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning, with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (ARRA). Learn how you can become a partner.

The overall concept of the Green Launching Pad is to do what is required to bring a business to fruition. The funds for the Green Launching Pad will begin this process and will work toward getting the businesses on their feet to garner the necessary capital required for their success. We believe that generating green business concepts with solid ideas and good business plans is the best way to attract private investment.

When government, education, business, and innovators set their mind to making a difference, great things tend to happen. The role of the Green Launching Pad is to provide a platform and a forum to get together all the parties needed to make an innovative idea into a commercial success. The Green Launching Pad is aligning the economy, education, the environment and entrepreneurs. Help us secure New Hampshires success in the new energy economy by joining the community and making some connections.


GLP is intended to maximize the economic opportunities in New Hampshire from the emerging green economy. It would stimulate the conception and development of innovative business ventures in the green economy and support the efforts of existing companies positioned to expand market activities in the green economy. These ventures would draw on engineering, energy, environmental and business research at UNH and other NH entities to …