GLP 2.5 Companies

LDI Corporation
RAS Tech

How Does GLP 2.5 Funding Work?

The new businesses will be required to help the state achieve the objectives of the ARRA – State Energy Program and NH Climate Action Plan, with an emphasis on green manufacturing while creating new jobs and contributing positively to the state’s economy. Entrepreneurial teams will receive up to $90,000 in funding and accelerated business development assistance. Support will take the form of mentorship and coaching from technology, engineering, servicesindustry professionals, and seasoned entrepreneurs. Also available will be legal and management advice, networking with funders and supporting businesses, and critical operating support.Project selection will be competitive and will be accomplished by a diverse advisory council that will recommend award funding. Teams will work intensively from January to April, 2012 to implement green manufacturing.

What is Green manufacturing?

Green manufacturing is a sustainable approach to the design and engineering activities involved in product development and/or system operations to minimize environmental impacts. Proposals involving green manufacturing should be aware of and address the environmental impact (resources, pollution, and waste) that the production and products have and plan to minimize these impacts. Green manufacturing does not focus on just one aspect of manufacturing, but embodies operational, process and system levels. The main aspects that green manufacturing focuses on are environmentally friendly raw materials (recycled, non-toxic, etc.), and consumption of less materials and energy (by reducing by-products and recycling process materials).