50 Pine Rd., Brentwood, NH  03833

RAS‐Tech recovers petroleum content from asphalt shingle waste with patented technology and proprietary methods. Processing outputs are a family of raw material asphalt substitutes for a new class of manufactured products. The company has a commercial‐scale facility in Brentwood, NH, which employs seven workers. Plans are in place to retain a significant amount of the Brentwood outputs for in‐house manufacturing. These plans, which include the manufacture of a roofing board, have the potential to create 30 manufacturing jobs in Southern New Hampshire within 12 months.


RAS-Tech came to REDC in 2008 seeking working capital financing for their start-up company with a green technology focus. Their vision was to convert post-consumer asphalt shingles into a primary raw material for use as a substitute for virgin asphalt in manufactured products and road paving products.  Read more…

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